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The First Design Of The Bugatti Chiron Was Just A Giant Bow Tie

Photo: Bugatti
Photo: Bugatti

Carfection and Roadshow’s Alex Goy got a golden ticket to get a look at the design history of the all-new Bugatti Chiron, and one of the biggest revelations is that it was originally meant to look just like a giant bow tie.


That is until Bugatti’s board of directors got a look and called for something else to be done, according to the report:

The “eight eyes” look, as it’s known internally, wasn’t the original design. It was initially a more open affair. Literally. Its front splayed out and it looked like a stylized Predator. That was the work of Sasha Selipanov, who had been invited to submit a design study to Bugatti along with other designers within the Volkswagen Group. Selipanov’s design was picked and he joined Bugatti full-time to work on the Chiron.

This was an early model of the Chiron. It’s cool, but it simply didn’t fly for the board.

He and the team got to work producing a workable model of his concept, evolving it to a state that the board would be able to digest. Sadly, the front end wasn’t to be, but the side and rear were just about bang on.


I kind of the like the look in the way that you sometimes can’t explain why you like ugly, silly things. I think it’s cool how the headlights are tucked away in the top corners, but will admit that it might look weird when the lights are actually on. I’m also pretty sure that’s an indicator strip in the center horizontal line, which matches the single blade taillight very well. Too bad the board thought the nose was ugly as sin.

Some other dropped design details are revealed, like plans to include rear-view cameras that had to be scrapped for legal purposes, and the personal suggestion by Bugatti’s director of design to get the Chiron in silver. I suppose he knows what he’s doing, but silver on a Bugatti?

I want black and gold, or champagne and rosemary, or like velvet caviar or whatever crazy colors I can spec. It’s a Bugatti.

I’m glad they were wise enough to change the face to what they have now. Yes, it’s more boring. But also less ugly.

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way2blu does a rev update

With that title, I thought they asked Chevy for design advice...