The First BMW E34 M5 Wagon Is Still For Sale: What's Wrong With Us?

This is the first ever BMW E34 M5 Wagon. You know, the Ronin M5, the last handbuilt M5, the last M5 with a straight six, only in wagon form. This one was imported to the States and it's been for sale since last year. Wait, what?


Yes, this is the very first E34 M5 wagon produced, the seller states with proof in this online registry. These cars were never sold in the US, but he managed to get his #1 of 891 cars federalized and now it's for sale (see the full eBay listing right here) with a buy-it-now at $30K and the reserve not met with the current $24K top bid.

But wait, the reserve has been lowered since previous auctions? This car has been for sale since last year? As in, there have been months worth of human existence in which numerous people looked at this gem of automotive perfection and decided that they'd rather buy something else?


What could they possibly have bought that wasn't this high-revving, rear-drive car that can also haul your kids, tents, dogs, spare engines, Christmas trees, oversized teddy bears, crates of wine, at least fourteen clowns, soapbox derby cars, maybe a pinball machine if it was a small one, and whatever else around?


Oh, it's got like a zillion miles and it's an old BMW? Ah.

(Hat tip to Maxyenko!)

Photo Credits: eBay

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