The First Big Crash of Le Mans Claims a Corvette

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Screenshot: MotorTrend TV

It is not usually a good idea to attempt a pass on traffic in the middle of the Porsche Curves at Le Mans. And one would imagine that Corvette factory ace Marcel Fassler, marking his 14th race at Le Mans (where he has won overall thrice with Audi), would know better. In any case, whether as a result of brain fade or simple bad luck, Fassler pushed down the inside of the GTE Am pole-sitting Porsche #88 at an inopportune time, and ended his race.


This is an uncharacteristic mistake from Fassler, who is usually regarded as among the best sports car racers in the world.

With just over 18 hours remaining in this 24 hour race, the #64 car and its drivers will have to sit back and watch the sole remaining Corvette give its best attempt to carry the flag for Bowling Green.

The GTE Pro battle has raged on for this first 6 hours, and the top five cars, one Ferrari, one Porsche, the 63 Corvette, and two Ford GTs, remain on the lead lap within seconds of each other. This will be an epic finish, I imagine, so if you haven’t been watching, go do it now.

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You’re really going to try and blame the Corvette when the Porsche had all the room in the world and still decided to turn right into the vette’s back wheels? That wasn’t a mistake, that was a pit maneuver