The Ferrari P80/C Screams in Torment That it is the Only One of its Kind

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Screenshot: 19Bozzy92 on YouTube

Humanity is cruel and unusual in its treatment of the Ferrari P80/C. We have created it. Given it life. But to have created such a delightful thing and not seen fit to have given it a mate or a friend of its own kind, let alone an ultimate purpose, we have damned this poor creature to a life of loneliness and sadness. Come on Ferrari, have a heart. Build another one, or dozen, companions for the P80/C.


The shrieks of the Ferrari are its wails of anguish. It knows it is alone in this world. While it is closely related, under the skin, to Ferrari’s 488 GT3 car it cannot see the race car underneath its show car skin. Will anyone take pity on this laboratory oddity? Why didn’t Ferrari’s engineers think of the P80/C’s feelings. Did it even want to be created?

The lonely little Ferrari went out for a video shoot at Monza, and of course 19Bozzy92 was there to film the action. The first four minutes or so are slow laps with a Porsche camera car chasing and leading for various car-to-car shots. I’ve taken the liberty of fast forwarding you to 4:28 in the video to get to the good solo lapping action with it moaning out a passionate and deeply saddening cry.

Fret not, P80/C. Perhaps one day you’ll find another who will accept you for your unique properties. 

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A lot like myself, this poor Ferrari never asked to be created and will die alone, and will never know love or friendship