I always liked the Ferrari FF for being about the weirdest car on sale. I don’t mean the weirdest Ferrari on sale; I mean that the two-transmission’d FF was one of the odder cars a person could buy, cost no object. This year it got what I thought was a pointless facelift. As Chris Harris explains, it’s more than that.

The FF, as it turns out, was something of a work in progress through its lifespan. The calibration of the four-wheel drive system made it feel more like two two-wheel drive systems acting vaguely in concert with each other, the interior wasn’t too well put together, the ride was too stiff, the infotainment was outdated. Also, sitting in the back sucked not because the seats were uncomfortable, as Chris (a former Ferrari FF owner) explains, but because the exhaust resonated in the back and droned you to death. That’s not good. You don’t want a six-figure Ferrari acting like a $500 Subaru.


In any case, the new GTC4Lusso is now more comfortable, less drone-y, better put together, better calibrated and also much, much nicer inside. I’m genuinely surprised that this car’s update is so much more substantial than I thought it’d be.

I know that I will never, ever, ever ever, ever ever ever ever, ever be able to afford one of these cars, but I will put it up on my wish list just the same. What a weird and wonderful machine.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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