The Ferrari FXX K Might Electrocute You

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If you ever come across an ultra rare, beautifully insane Ferrari FXX K, you might come away finding the experience electrifying. If you’re not paying attention and go to touch the car, the experience might actually be electrifying.

Ferrari invited the folks over at Car Throttle to go for a ride in the FXX K at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, and they were kind of enough to lay down the ground rules about how not to die a horrifying death by electrocution in a car that will otherwise try to kill you with around 1,000 horsepower:

Early in the video, Alex points out the very important fin sitting on top of the car. If the fin is flashing green, everything is good to go. If the fin is flashing red, you could be shocked by up to 480 volts of electricity.


The shock comes from the FXX K’s electric motor, which is paired with a Ferrari V12 for a crazy amount of power—a setup based on the LaFerrari street car. The car also uses Ferrari’s KERS power regeneration system.

For the most part, getting electrocuted shouldn’t be a problem. The little flashing warning is just there in case something has gone wrong. But this is a Ferrari, right? I’m sure nothing will ever go wrong.

Via Road&Track