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The Ferrari F40 Was The Ultimate Analog Car

I would like to thank you, XCAR, for doing a video about the Ferrari F40 the right way: the first two minutes are almost entirely just the furious, delightful sound of the car going around a track. If that sound doesn't shake you out of your Monday doldrums, nothing can.


Then it goes into the many, many reasons the Ferrari 40 was special. It was the last car Enzo Ferrari was involved in before his death in 1988. It was built out of the 288 GTO Evoluzione Group B racing program. And it's built like it's meant to win at motorsports, not coddle its driver with creature comforts or technology.

F40 expert and former racer John Pogson narrates this video, and he's definitely the right person to tell its tale. You feel like he's still in awe of the machine despite years of experience with it. He almost sounds like a kid in a toy store when he describes the first time he felt the V8's turbos come on.


Oh, and then they take two F40s out on the track and let them bring the noise. It's pretty incredible.

Just do yourself a favor and watch the whole video, and listen to what Pogson has to say about the car, the brand, and his life at speed. It's worth it.

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Raphael Orlove

Doesn't the F40 have an ECU?