The Ferrari Enzo and Demi Moore Scene From Charlie's Angels Still Drives Me up the Wall 15 Years Later

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If you’ve never seen Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, the sequel to the Charlie’s Angeles modern spin-off, then you are missing out. You get Crispin Glover being a weirdo, Justin Theroux with the fakest and most hilarious Irish accent ever to grace the silver screen and Bernie Mac being Bernie Mac. The movie is nearly perfect, except for a sacrilegious scene involving Demi Moore and a Ferrari Enzo.

The scene involves Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu staking out a beach, searching for a suspect. They run into Demi Moore, who is also there surfing. As you do.

Demi Moore finishes up her surf, sticks her surfboard into the sand for safekeeping (?), gets into a Ferrari Enzo and then drives away.


This scene vividly stands out in my mind for two reasons. The first is this was the first time that I’d seen a Ferrari Enzo in a movie. It was striking to see. Still is.

More troubling, though, is that Demi Moore procures the Enzo’s keys from somewhere, does not bother to shower off the ocean water, sand and sunscreen from herself and fails to clean off her sandy feet or dry off before getting into the car and speeding away. Who does that!?

She just got so much sand and crap right onto an Enzo’s upholstery. Sunscreen is greasy and sticky and shouldn’t get on smeared on any car’s interior. And do you know how much vacuuming it will take to get all the sand out? It’s goddamn infuriating.

I wouldn’t let Demi Moore into any of my cars if that’s how she treats them. I’d never let her drive my Enzo. Sheesh.


Here, you can see the abomination of a scene here.