The Fast and the Furious Validated: You CAN Blow the Welds On Your Intake Manifold!

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Every denizen of the automotive intersphere is undoubtedly familiar with The Fast And The Furious which, even with all of it's gearhead faux pas, has become a sacred icon credited with starting the spo-com revolution many moons ago. It seems one of those cult statements just became a self-fulfilling prophesy as a Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX has blown the welds on it's intake manifold. Even though the series has become a sort of guilty pleasure, we know you're stoked for the The Fast And The Furious 4. "Now, me and the mad scientist got to rip apart the block... and replace the piston rings you fried!" A quick description of what happened below the jump. [AntiRice]


So me and my buddy were tuning his gsx yesterday. He had just got a custom intake manifold made. We were on 29psi and full throttle, when he let off the gas we heard a pop(resembling a gunshot). He tapped the trottle and it sounded like it was a massive exhaust leak. the A/F gauge and boost gauge wasnt reading. We pulled over to find out that the intake manifold had blew up, literally. The whole bottom plate of it was blown completely off. the only thing holding it up was the break booster line.