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The Fancy-Roofed 2017 Mazda Miata RF Will Start At $31,555

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

There’s no convertible hardtop Mazda Miata like last time, and no full-on fixed roof coupe either. (We’re waiting, Mazda.) But soon there will be the 2017 Miata RF, which uses a trick folding targa rooftop to give you wind and sun when you want it and something solid over your head when you don’t. Here’s what it will cost.

Pricing was announced today to start at $31,555, according to Road & Track. That’s for the Club-spec car with a manual. The automatic costs more, but... why?


Mazda said the special Launch Edition, which is a Grand Touring Miata with that handsome gray paint, Nappa Auburn leather and a black roof, will start at $33,850 with a stick shift. The automatic version of that car will set you back $34,925. You can get your pre-orders in starting today.

Here’s a video from reader TJ Keon at the car’s launch event showing off more:

It’s like a 911 Targa, but way the hell cheaper! Is this the Miata to buy right now?