The Family Car On Bob's Burgers Has Now Been Absolutely Identified

Okay, we can all rest easy now. The Belcher's family car, featured in the popular and charming animated show Bob's Burgers, can now be definitively identified as a specific make and model. Our long national nightmare of uncertainty is over, and we can all now enjoy the warm bask of certainty.


So, here we go: the Belcher family car, a red station wagon, is a Plymouth Volaré. As I'm writing this, I remembered to check IMCDB, and they're claiming the car is a Dodge Aspen. These are both essentially the same car, but I'm standing by the Volaré claim because the depicted grille design features two prominent horizontal bars, and that was a Volaré design detail, as opposed to the (several) Aspen grilles, which also either had turn indicators behind a horizontal-bar grille, or mounted in the bumper.

The Belcher family wagon has previously been depicted somewhat ambiguously, and only recently has the Mopar F-body design been settled on. I think last night's episode, Li'l Hard Dad, has the best, most definitive view of the car seen to date. It's a 1976-1979 Plymouth Volaré wagon, no doubt. You can almost smell that Slant-6.


I think a Volaré is a very good choice for the character, and it's important to remember that a red Volaré wagon is no stranger to stardom. They drove one — a jolly version, even — on Fantasy Freaking Island, after all.

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