Okay, we can all rest easy now. The Belcher's family car, featured in the popular and charming animated show Bob's Burgers, can now be definitively identified as a specific make and model. Our long national nightmare of uncertainty is over, and we can all now enjoy the warm bask of certainty.

So, here we go: the Belcher family car, a red station wagon, is a Plymouth Volaré. As I'm writing this, I remembered to check IMCDB, and they're claiming the car is a Dodge Aspen. These are both essentially the same car, but I'm standing by the Volaré claim because the depicted grille design features two prominent horizontal bars, and that was a Volaré design detail, as opposed to the (several) Aspen grilles, which also either had turn indicators behind a horizontal-bar grille, or mounted in the bumper.

The Belcher family wagon has previously been depicted somewhat ambiguously, and only recently has the Mopar F-body design been settled on. I think last night's episode, Li'l Hard Dad, has the best, most definitive view of the car seen to date. It's a 1976-1979 Plymouth Volaré wagon, no doubt. You can almost smell that Slant-6.


I think a Volaré is a very good choice for the character, and it's important to remember that a red Volaré wagon is no stranger to stardom. They drove one — a jolly version, even — on Fantasy Freaking Island, after all.