I've got a general rule about not writing up Kickstarters, but these prints showing the evolution of GM, Ford, and BMW's front ends in wireframe-style are just too damn good. There's even one for Porsche, which may or may not settle any arguments about Stuttgart's designers taking a 50-year nap.

If you're worried about backing the project, know that it's already more than doubled its goal and the guy behind it, Jerome Daksiewicz, has been making and shipping kick-ass automotive art for a while. And anyway, how could you not want one of these?

Each print is going for $25 a pop, but he's offering package deals. And after the Kickstarter went online, he's included the Porsche poster, and is looking to add Aston Martin, Ferrari, and Mercedes-Benz if the campaign gets more traction.

All the cars referenced are printed in the bottom corner of the posts, and with GM, he even made a GIF: