Morgan will spend $8.6 million in cooperation with the British government to go hybrid and electric starting in 2019. That should keep prices down while giving the small carmaker a chance to double its production figures through new markets.

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That sounds like a very long burnout to me, but since £6 million is not a lot of money, I asked Morgan to see what should we expect from them in the next few years or so.

Morgan is working with Delta Motorsport and Potenza Technology on the new drivetrains, which will be based on existing technologies. From 2019 on, there will be a combination of pure EV and hybrid powertrains across the range from Three Wheelers through the the steel chassis/wooden frame models to the top-of-the-line aluminum cars, but Morgan won’t tell whether they will come up with a specific car just for the electric drivetrains or not.

Morgan expects the lower emissions to lower their prices as well, opening up new markets and doubling their annual production figure over the next decade, which is at just 850 vehicles at the moment.


The company will also stay loyal to BMW, Ford/Cosworth and S&S engines when it comes to internal combustion, but there’s no comment on going all-wheel drive using electric motors as we move closer towards the Geneva Motor Show.

I guess it’s my time to grab an Earl Grey with them.


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