The Elon Musk Rap Is The Freshest Beat You'll Ever Put In Your Ear-Holes

Okay, people of the Internet. You can all stop listening to new music now. That's because we have a beat so tight that you'll never want to hear anything else ever again: the Elon Musk Rap.

No, the Tesla Motors and SpaceX founder didn't take the stage with Tyler the Creator, although that should also happen. Austin-based rapper and singer-songwriter Saul Paul composed this song after Musk's talk at SXSW a few weeks ago.


Here is what we learn from watching and listening:

  • Elon Musk is cool with landing on any "side" of Mars — east side, west side, whatever suits his fancy.
  • Elon Musk is actually Iron Man, not Richard Nixon. You can Google it.
  • This is probably the only rap song in existence to reference the Texas Legislature.
  • The New York Times are just some haters, specifically reporter John Broder, who tried to drive a Model S to Boston but was apparently too much of a hater to pull it off.
  • People may start saying "I'm Audi like a SpaceX shuttle." (Everyone, please don't start saying that.)

Best song ever? Yeah, best song ever.

Hat tip to Miloš!


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