The Electric Chevy Silverado Will Have Optional Four-Wheel Steering

This is becoming GM's thing, though it's hard to tell if it's more than a party trick.

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Gif: Chevy

Remember “crab walk” on the new Hummer EV? Sure you do. Well, it looks GM is also giving its upcoming electric Silverado a similar feature. Of course you’ll recall that this isn’t GM’s first attempt at adding four-wheel-steering capability to its trucks.  

It doesn’t look like “crab walk,” exactly, in the video that Chevy posted today, but those rear wheels are definitely steering. I could see this being useful in urban contexts, but also in off-road contexts as well. Chevy said four-wheel steering will be optional in the electric Silverado; also optional are 24-inch wheels.

The video includes this graphic:

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Screenshot: Chevy

Chevy has not said when the electric Silverado will begin deliveries, though I wouldn’t expect it any sooner than late next year, and probably not until 2023. Until then, you can also expect drips and dabs from Chevy on all the cool new features it’s putting in the electric Silverado, which will compete with the Tesla Cybertruck (possibly), Ford F-150 Lightning, and probably an electric Ram 1500 too. There is also the Lordstown Endurance (haha) and the Rivian R1T, with the R1T a lot more of a sure thing than the Endurance, given all the money behind Rivian and all of the recent troubles at Lordstown.

Of those, the recently-delayed Cybertruck still probably holds the most intrigue, given that it is a fairly radical departure in terms of design, compared to the others. And while I still think that the Cybertruck is mainly for rich Californians with brains the size of peanuts, it also may not be, which would be the bigger surprise. The electric Silverado and F-150 Lightning, on the other hand, are for more practical buyers like fleets, and also Chevy and Ford fans who think they’re cool. The Rivian is probably the hipster choice here, along with the Bollinger B2, while I have no idea who the Endurance is for: Trump fans who care about the environment? Does that person even exist? Anyway, get ready for a lot of electric trucks.