The Electric Chevrolet Bolt: This Is It Before You're Supposed To See It

We’ve been expecting the new all-electric Chevrolet Bolt to show up at CES this week, and we finally have a pretty good idea of what the production version will bring to the table.

It appears CNET got hand on the a prototype of the closer-to-production Bolt before CES, posting this video today before the official reveal. The video offers some good insight into what features we can expect from the budget electric car, as well as its pudgy general appearance.


UPDATE: It’s been taken down. Looks like CNET jumped the gun on this one, but lucky for you (and us), we have screenshots!

On the outside, you can see essentially what we saw from the concept, just more, uh, budget-looking. But hey, it’s a budget electric car. It gets you from one point to another without gasoline! And supposed to sell for less than $30,000.

From the CNET video we can gather that the test Bolt can hit 60 mph in less than seven seconds, and is still expected to come with a 200 mile range.


The interior space is comfortable with plenty of space, and featuring a large screen for radio and infotainment controls with a unique MyLink system for the Bolt, with preset app pages or the ability to customize your own profile. The car also offers information about your driving habits and factors that will affect your electric range, including customization regenerative braking pedal feel. There’s also a LCD dashboard instead of traditional dials, and really dope camera and screen for a rear-view mirror.


On the exterior we see a much more production ready design from the concept, with a lot of similarities carried over from the Bolt’s twin car, the Hybrid Volt. The lights on this model will not be carried over to production, but the rest of the look will likely be what hits showrooms. Overall it looks perfectly fitting for anyone shopping in the price range.. including Lyft drivers?


GM still hasn’t offered a solid price or a confirmed electric range, but we expect to find out everything we need to know when Chevy intends for us to know this time, which should be very soon.

Take that, Tesla.


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