The Driver Of This Car Killed A Church Leader

Harry M. Stone, a 60-year-old member of St. Luke's United Methodist Church in Raytown, Mo. wasn't expecting any trouble when he went for his morning jog Sunday. But his exercise regimen, and his life, were cut short when someone fired shots from the window of a passing car.


Police are still looking for the killer, and one of their clues is a short gas station security camera video clip of the killer's car. See if you can tell what kind it is.

Not only can they not find the killer, police are also at a loss to figure out a motive for the crime. Stone, the assistant pastor's husband, was a church leader and exemplary community servant, by all accounts. Police said there was no argument or confrontation leading up to the shooting. The killing seems indiscriminate: the shooters simply fired out the window at Stone. St. Luke's pastor, Rev. Londia Granger Wright, said many of her congregants wonder how something like this could have happened to a good person.


A witness said the car's passenger was dark skinned, wearing his hair in an afro. Kansas City Police suspect the killing to be part of a gang initiation. The car, a dark colored late model four-door sedan, is most of what police have to go on right now. If you have any idea what kind it is, or if you've seen it, call the Raytown Police Department at 816-474-TIPS. (Hat tip to For Sweden on #tips!)

Photo credit: KCTV Kansas City

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Lets Just Drive

Little OT here, but does the inclusion of "Killed A Church Leader" add anything to the story or the headline? It smacks of FOX news style pandering, but I'm a cynical asshole - is this simply the best, most accurate way of describing the victim?

If the driver had been a Muslim, would the headline be "The Muslim Driver Of This Car Killed A Church Leader"?

Chrysler 300?