Donkin’ Deez Nuts. (All images via Donkervoort)

Delightfully-named boutique Dutch automaker Donkervoort has released an “RS” version of the wacky carbon fiber rocket-phallus they call a car. Hustle up and order yours because they’ve already sold more than half of the production run!

The Donkervoort D8 GTO-RS is basically just a tweaked version of the one car they make, the retro-futuristic Audi-powered Lotus 7 rendition you’re looking at in these images.

The 2.5-liter Audi R5 TFSI engine now has a more aggressive engine management system developed by Bosch, along with launch control and and a dual-clutch transmission.

“Thanks to a new suspension, the GTO-RS has a wider track width, benefits of which include a stronger grip on the front axle. The brake system was also completely redeveloped,” the company announced.


Looks like a proper driver’s car to me. Also known as a terribly uncomfortable way to get from Point A to anywhere else.

Donkervoort has promised to produce 40 GTO-RS cars, fully street legal somewhere and for sale at about $172,000 each. They claim 21 have already been spoken for.


I’m not sure what Donkervoort actually means, but one of our enlightened readers had a few ideas shared on an earlier post:

Sounds like a great thing to name your daughter after. Sure, why not.