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The Dodge Viper is a magical piece of track-record-annihilating, tire-smoking, loudballs V10 kit, so we’re always disappointed to hear that the most gloriously old-school and rowdy of mainstream supercars doesn’t sell well. That is, unless it’s dying in 2017. All of Dodge’s 25th Anniversary Vipers already sold out.


The 1:28 Edition ACR, which commemorates the Viper’s wicked fast record at Laguna Seca, sold out the fastest of Dodge’s farewell Vipers, per a Dodge press release. All 28 units sold out within 40 minutes of going on sale on June 24. The VooDoo II Edition ACR was the next fastest seller, blowing through its allotment of 31 units in only two hours.

Other special editions, including 25 Snakeskin Edition GTCs and 100 GTS-R Commemorative Edition ACRs, sold out in just two days. The 22 Dodge Dealer Edition ACRs, which were allotted to Dodge’s highest-volume Viper dealers, sold out within five days.

It’s the same exact thing that keeps happening here with poor, beleaguered Texas World Speedway: oh no, it’s about to go away! Better go while we still can! Wait, no, it’s back. Oh, there’s a new closure date? Ah, crap, I should sign up for one last track day, then. (Sidenote: Please don’t actually ever close TWS, you monsters.)

Fear of missing out is apparently a choice marketing tactic!

If you missed your chance at getting one of these special farewell editions, you can certainly pick up a regular one off of a very grateful dealer’s lot somewhere and add your own snakeskin accents. We love this car, but unfortunately, face-ripping V10 awesomeness alone just doesn’t sell.


Dodge has one special edition left to sell, with orders opening in mid-July: the Snakeskin Edition ACR. In response to quick sales of the other special editions, Dodge announced that as many as 31 of these cars will be made. Better start camping out in front of your local Dodge dealer now, Viper faithful.

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