For a good 10 years, the Dodge Viper ACR was the hardest, nastiest, trackiest Viper you could track. Lighter, stiffer, and more stripped out than a normal Viper, it was a true beast. But the current-gen Viper has yet to get an American Club Racing variant — until now.


As part of the upcoming SEMA festivities in Las Vegas, Chrysler has unveiled a slew of concept cars, including this new Dodge Viper ACR.

Since the regular Viper is just so slow and tame and boring (that was sarcasm FYI) Dodge has improved upon it with a new carbon fiber aero kit, a competition rear wing, lightweight 19-inch front and rear wheels with 15.4-inch carbon ceramic Brembo brakes, a differential cooling system, and numerous other tweaks.

And then there's what you don't get — no radio, speakers, carpets or NVH-reducing amenities. Also, basically the entire interior is now made of carbon fiber. Even the seat belts and windows. I made that last part up.

That's it for specs on the Viper ACR Concept for now, and no word on any production plans, though Chrysler does describe it as a "blueprint" on how to improve their insane sports car. Will it get greenlit? I sure hope so, it sounds ferocious.