Most of the stuff that shows up at SEMA is silly and kind of pointless, but thisā€”this Dodge Shakedown Challengerā€”is something else. Something with a classic 1971 body and a modern Hemi V8 spitting out 485 horsepower. Something dreams are made of.

It has a Viper Tremec T6060 six-speed. Plus a Mopar concept cold-air intake. Plus a Mopar custom dual exhaust. They are black powder-coated. Hell yes.

The front and rear suspension have been lowered and stopping power comes from red Hellcat brakes at all four corners.

The outside is a hand-built, one-of-a-kind frame with a removable body. It is painted a color called ā€œBitchinā€™ Black.ā€ No joke. Adorning the hood is a 1971-inspired Shaker hood scoop.


Itā€™s black and red everywhere. There are no door handles. The Devil doesnā€™t need ā€˜em.

Dodge also stuck a custom roll bar inside and yanked out the rear seats just in case the Shakedown would ever be used as a track car. Sure?

The Shakedown Challenger probably wonā€™t go anywhere else except to a museum after SEMA is over, but I appreciate its existence so much. Why do people buy Challengers these days? Their retro looks have something to do with it, Iā€™m sure. And here you have an actual ā€˜71 Challenger with all of the modern underpinnings that are more powerful, efficient and better handling. This is a win-win in my book.