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The Dodge Deora Is The Truck From A Future We're Still Waiting For

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

When I think of truly great concept car designs, my mind immediately goes to sports cars. But the concept car universe is a wide one, and although it's rarer, pickup truck concepts can push the envelope too. The best example of this might be this amazing Dodge concept from 1967.

This is the Dodge Deora. Believe it or not, it started life as a normal Dodge A100 cabover truck until it was radically restyled until it looked like it would be right at home on a 1970s vision of a lunar base.


Allpar says the truck was designed and built by Detroit's Mike and Larry Alexander, and it was good enough to win the Ridler Award at the 1967 Autorama. They moved the A100's slant six even further back to where it sat underneath the bed of the truck, hence the side panels. Drivers and passengers got in by lifting the front hatch, which was taken from the back of a 1960 station wagon.


It looked pretty swanky inside for a truck of its time, featuring woodgrain accents, black leather and Stewart Warner gauges. The steering wheel was on a swingarm so it could be moved out of the way during entry and exit.

Also, mad bonus points for the wood accent on the rear tailgate. So classy.

Odds are, you've seen this thing as a Hot Wheels car at some point. That's because, according to RM Auctions, it was one of the very first. They sold literally millions of these trucks in tiny toy form.


The Deora sold at auction in 2009 for $324,500. I hope its new owner enjoys it. I'd take that thing to Home Depot on the regular, man.


Photos credit Dodge, RM Auctions