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I originally predicted that the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon would be run on the souls of the impure. But Dodge engineers weren’t able to design a fuel system that could handle the metaphysical nature of the human psyche, so the Demon will run on 100 octane instead.


Dodge claims the Challenger SRT Demon is the first factory production car able to run on both premium fuel (91+ octane) and 100 octane. Of course, your neighborhood gas station probably won’t have 100 octane fuel, but most drag strips do and that is where the Demon is designed to vanquish all who oppose it.


Unlike the Hellcat, which has only one fuel pump, the Demon will have two pumps in addition to larger injectors and higher fuel rail pressure. While the fuel system is optimized for 100 octane, Demon owners will have to select and install a special Performance Control Module from the Demon Crate that comes separately.

Dodge says -

The switch to the Direct Connection controller enables the supercharged HEMI engine to extract the maximum power from the knock-resistant high-octane fuel by optimizing spark timing. Drag racers will see big changes in elapsed time (ET) with the high-octane fuel.


Once the PCM is enabled Demon owners can select a high-octane mode via a button on the center stack console. In order to prevent damage to the motor the Demon’s PCM will know via the knock sensors if the high octane fuel is too low for the mixture and override the system by just running on the premium gas.

You can check out the video below and see that our mystery driver is either putting high octane juice into the Demon or that green shit that turned ordinary turtles into ninjas.

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