The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Has An Insane Cooling System No Other Car Has

Illustration for article titled The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Has An Insane Cooling System No Other Car Has

The 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon may be a monster muscle car sprung from the gates of hell to lay down some fiery tracks, but that doesn’t mean the car is running hot all the time. The Demon will have a unique super cooled air induction system to keep things chill.


In addition to all the other crazy shit, that Dodge has outfitted to the Demon to make it the ultimate straight line car, the Demon will be the first-ever, factory production car with a liquid-to-air charge air cooler chiller system.

That’s right, it both cooler and a chiller system. Which I assume means that it can simultaneously cool the engine down while making the driver a bit more chill… and given the demographic for this car, that second part is going to be crucial.

Dodge says that when the Demon is in “Drag Mode”, the air-conditioning system is diverted to chill the engine’s charge air cooling system allowing the Demon to achieve charge air induction temperatures previously unattainable by pressure-charged street-legal production vehicles.

Woosh! Watch all the special effects.

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A pogo-stick, obviously.

Am I the only one who doesn’t care about the “Demon”?

Single purpose street legal cars bore me. I can’t imagine doing anything with this car other than quarter mile runs and trips back to the Dodge dealer to fix all the parts that shake or snap off.

Will it cruise well on the highway? More than doubtful.

Will it hand well on twisty roads or a track? I can almost guarantee not.

Will it piss off your neighbors every time you start it up and bankrupt you every time to fill up the tank? Sure will.

Even the Hellcat makes more sense than this thing.