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With all the talk of Ferrari's "new Dino," a moniker attributed to a massive game of telephone among media types, it's a fine time to dig into the original Dino's history. Pretend it's 1967 (baby), and Pininfarina had just unveiled the Ferrari Dino Berlinetta Prototipo Competizione at the Frankfurt motor show. The working prototype and design study was based on the Ferrari Dino 206 S and expressed the penmanship of 23-year-old designer Paolo Martin. That car was antecedent to the production 206GT, the first of Ferrari's sub-V12 cars to be badged Dino in honor of Enzo's late son Alfredo "Alfredino" Ferrari, who died in 1956 of complications from muscular dystrophy. The name continued as a separate Ferrari brand until 1976, when the Dino 308 GT4 was given a Ferrari badge. But the Berlinetta Prototipo Competizione still stands as an iconic late-'60s exotic — gull-wing doors, bubble top and all. [Car Body Design]


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