The Deputy Mayor Of Jersey City Is A Gearhead

I'm not rich or cool enough to live in Manhattan, so each evening I slog home from Jalopnik world headquarters to scenic Jersey City, NJ.

But it ain't all that bad. Yes, I live one block from where Snooki and JWoww did, but last night I discovered that our Deputy Mayor drives a green Porsche Cayman R.



It appears Deputy Mayor Raj Mukherji made the money for the Cayman through Impact NJ, a New Jersey based lobbying firm. If true, that means there is at least one NJ politician that didn't get it through corruption, the mafia, or other dubious means. Yay!

And because he made more than $500,000 from that job in 2011, he decided to only accept $1 as his salary for being the Deputy Mayor. He is still a part owner of Impact NJ, but is no longer involved in daily dealings.


Taxpayers only pay his health insurance, since he no longer receives it from Impact.

But who cares about those formal political dealies? He drives a Cayman R. That alone makes him ok in my book.

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