The Depressing Toyota Of The Future May Suggest Annoying Health Tips

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You may already use some sort of fitness tracker app or wearable which you swore, at the time, would be the thing to get you back in shape. You probably lost all motivation shortly after. Well, the Toyota of the future is here to remind you, so that’s a problem now.

In a patent filing published last week, Toyota has revealed potential plans to introduce fitness tracking and health goals into your vehicle’s infotainment center. How fun!

The filing describes an application in the car that connects with something like your phone to receive whatever fitness goals you’ve set out to achieve. Based on the goal, the car will consider your location and make a suggestion to help you reach said goal.


The example given in the filing has your car reminding you how out of shape you are by suggesting you park around the corner from your 800 calorie coffee shop to get some extra steps in:

Screenshot via Toyota’s patent filing
Screenshot via Toyota’s patent filing

One can imagine it could make other suggestions, like nearby parks or trails, gyms, and possibly even integrate location-based ads through your fitness app based on the health stores you commonly commute around.

Perhaps the best way to stick to your goal is something like this. Something you can yell at for reminding you how uncomfortable you are, which doesn’t have any reaction or emotion. It’s just you, shouting at your car about it unknowingly pressuring you into not walking into that Dunkin Donuts.


For now it’s just a patent filing, and it’s not even a bad idea! I just hate that I’ve now had to confront my health again.

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Not content with being the car your mom drives, Toyota has attempted to patent a device that simulates your mom nagging you.

And then they wonder why their customers are aging....