The DeLorean Monster Truck Threatens To Crush A Ferrari

The problem with the DeLorean was that it was never tall enough to be a successful off-roader. Solution? Just add a lift kit and 44" swampers and go crush some Fezzas!

Watching this thing lumber out of its garage is a bit painful, especially as it heads straight for an F430, which runs and flees.


Underneath the '81 DeLorean body sits a 1979 Chevy K5 Blazer frame and a front-mounted Chevy 350 V8. The build, which naturally involves a flamethrower, is documented on Rich Weissensel's website, along with his DeLorean limo that we saw last month.

The DeLorean certainly holds true to Jalopnik's version of Colin Chapman's famous mantra: Simplificate and add 44" swamper tires.

(Hat tip to Matt!)

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