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Midnight. Los Angeles. An impossibly low and wide silver machine glides through the empty streets, the city lights reflecting off its stainless steel body as it looks less like a relic of the 1980s and more like an artifact from a future that never happened.

Is there anything cooler than cruising through LA at night in a DeLorean? I'm not sure there is. John Z. DeLorean's great failed experiment is the star of the latest Petrolicious video, one that bleeds impossible levels of cool.


This DMC-12 is owned by Geoff Ombao, a guy who left corporate America to make his dream of becoming a car designer happen. John Z. knew a lot about taking risks like that.

Yes, this video has the obligatory Back To The Future mentions, and like most DeLorean owners Ombao is a good sport with a "BKN TYME" vanity plate. (You kind of have to be, if you own a DeLorean.) But the car is more than that. We can talk about the car without talking about the movie that made it famous.

Still, Doc Brown's mansion makes a cameo appearance at the end. You know you'd do stuff like that too if you owned a DeLorean.


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