Folks, your weekend editor's love of Batman is well documented at this point. That's why I got a huge kick out of this 1980s ad for the British Rover Metro hatchback.


Here we see the '60s TV show version of Batman and Robin racing to city hall to apprehend the Penguin, but since Gotham City is way too congested by traffic they take the Metro instead of the Batmobile. The tiny hatch's small size lets them weave in and out of traffic like assholes to ultimately save the day. Hey, it may not pancake cop cars on the evening news, but it's decent on gas.

It's kind of strange to see American comic book superheroes like Batman and Robin shilling for a British car company. At least they don't have English accents. That would just be confusing.

Anybody in the UK have a perspective on the Rover Metro? Drop us a comment below.

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