Here's a fresh video showing the exact condition of the McLaren F1 crashed yesterday in Italy. I say chassis number 072 looks bad, but we've seen worse.

Youtube's biggest supercar hunter Marchettino took part in the tour organized by the McLaren F1 Owner's Club in Italy, and had this to say about the accident:

This is possibly the most shocking accident I have ever witnessed. While following a McLaren F1, a driver stopped to told me that just 1km before another F1 just had a massive crash. We ran on the site and saw a white McLaren F1 upside down in a ditch. We're not sure about the dynamics of the crash but probably the speed let the driver lose the control of the car on the grass, flip over and crash into a tree in the ditch.

The car has reported massive damages but hopefully the driver didn't reported any injuries; the passenger reported a few minor injuries and looked shocked.


We're all sad pandas.