The Craziest Automotive Nutjobs Of 2014

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Let us celebrate the reckless, the wild, the self-destructive, the moronic drivers of 2014 so that we may never have to try their stupid stunts ourselves.

These are the 2014 Hoonies, its winners the Hoons of the Year. Enjoy.

Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing Is Back And Still Crazy Amazing

Did I say crazy amazing? I meant to say that Extreme Barbie Jeep racing is extremely dangerous. Or maybe it's both?


Watch A Guy Powerslide A $1.3 Million Ferrari LaFerrari

The LaFerrari: will it drift? Sure looks like it!

This Is How Mad Dutchies Test A Car (With Explosions)

Here we have an old Daihatsu Charade and I think it's time to answer the question that's on all of our minds: how does it handle being exploded?


How Righteous Is A '68 Dodge Charger On A Rally Course? Very Righteous

What if you went to a rally stage and instead of a typical Impreza or Fiesta, you brought a '68 Charger? Unadulterated excellence.


The Little-Known Series Where The Rich Offroad Priceless Classic Cars

Forget the concours d'elegance. These guys don't just drive their priceless classic cars, they absolutely thrash them. Offroad.


Camaro Driver Does Donuts On The Golden Gate Bridge


The same weekend that hundreds of muscle cars shut down two highways at the same time in the East Bay, one brazen Camaro whipped donuts on the Golden Gate Bridge. This is a landmark moment in sideshow history.

What It Looks Like To Jump A BMW M3 At 107 MPH

You've dreamed about it: a BMW M3 stripped and caged, a twisting country road (closed to traffic and cops), and a jump. Here's exactly what that looks like.


Watch Some Idiots Go Sledding Behind A Nissan GT-R

Fabricating your own shopping cart sled and going for a ride tethered to your buddy's Nissan GT-R: good idea, or great idea?


Adorable Baby Urges Subaru Hoonage

How bad can gymkhana be, when even a three year old loves it?

How Not To Do A Burnout


This driver said "all this truck was good for was doing burnouts." Not so much.

This video comes from Facebook, and that means I can't embed the thing. So just click RIGHT HERE and watch the wheelhopping glory yourself.


Watch This Russian Tank Fire Its Main Gun While Jumping

If your name is Vladimir Putin and you're on your way to relaunch the Soviet Union, the T-90 is one of the tools that can give you great confidence when the going gets tough. Because yes, or course you can fire its main gun mid-air.


Gymkhana 7: Ken Block Takes Over LA With An 845 HP AWD Mustang

Take one mad shoe-magnate-turned-auto-racer. Add an 845 horsepower all-wheel-drive 1965 Ford Mustang. Call it the Hoonicorn. Sprinkle in a touch of insanity and a humongous heaping of tire smoke. This is Gymkhana 7.


This Dude Is Building A Lamborghini Rally Car

This isn't just some guy whipping donuts in an orange Lamborghini Gallardo; he's preparing to turn it into a rally car.


The Most Badass And Bear-Filled Drifting Adventure I've Ever Seen

Well, I guess this is what happens when you send Formula Drift pro Ryan Tuerck to the northeastern corner of Europe.


Fill Yourself With Dread Because The Terror Tractor Is Back

The turbo Volvo engine-swapped Terror Tractor has returned and it has its own soundtrack.


Like in 2012, the standard has been set for hoonage in 2014. I shudder to think what automotive destruction 2015 will bring.