Obviously the all-wheel drive and incredible downforce of this machine help it claw its way up and out of the tight corners of a hillclimb, giving it an advantage over those ostensibly overpowered rear-drive Alfas. Within its own class, the competition wasn’t even close, however. Once the turbo got spooling, there was no stopping this Escort from taking the victory.


As a Radwood-era legend, the Escort Cosworth has always held a special place in my heart. Ford completely upended the Escort to make this machine, and it looks absolutely bonkers. Maybe this is the vintage equivalent of Toyota’s current GR Yaris, because it takes a relatively staid and boring economy car and turns it into a rally champ. Either way, this has to be one of my favorite Fords of the era, if not of all time.

This one has obviously been modernized beyond anything that would have been available in-period, but that’s how racing goes. Use the biggest and best you can to go as quickly as possible within a ruleset. I’m not in love with paddle shifts, even in racing applications, but clearly this car needs them. Vroom vroom, Escort go fast!