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The Corvette Museum Sinkhole Was A Hoax Says Very Sane Internet Man

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Wake up, sheeple! You probably still believe that an alleged "Corvette Museum" had a "sinkhole" open under it and swallow up some "cars." And for that I pity you. Because, clearly, this whole sinkhole business is a huge hoax. Don't believe me? Well, it's on the internet.


This video is one of the only places you can find people going against the lame-stream media and telling the truth about what happened at this Corvette Museum, if it even exists. There was no sinkhole, people. Listen to the guy in the video! Some of the sizes of things don't exactly look quite right! It's all a huge fake. Just like how those two trained chimps in that rubber "Travis Okulski" suit faked being in that fake taxi with that pretend fake Jeff Gordon. Fake fake fake.


Also, this guy is the only one with the balls to call out Chevrolet's use of carbon fiber for Corvette bodies, and not that "fiberglass" bullshit they've been claiming since the 1950s. Oldest trick in the book — call your crazy expensive material something much, much cheeper, and rake in the money.

I mean, think about it — of course a Corvette museum is going to fake a giant sinkhole to swallow up a bunch of its cars. It makes total sense when you look at the big plan: first they get us to believe a sinkhole is swallowing Corvettes, which sets the public up to both sympathetically think of Government Motors and to be accepting of the soon-to be revealed Hollow Earth planetary structure.

That paves the way for Obama and his secret partners at the Dutch Lego Conglomoration to convince honest Americans, via the National Council of Churches (a front organization run by the Peat Moss lobby) to start ingesting large quantities of frozen yogurt which, when combined with subdermal interfaces found in all underwear elastic, create a population ready for drone-based mind control.

From there, it's easy to see how the Reptillian Zionists who run the Shadow Government and the Shakey's Pizza chain will be in a position to take over and get the world ready for the endgame: universal acceptance of the Neo-Metric system.


Also, Benghazi.

It's a chilling future, people, and it all starts with some fake Corvettes not falling into a fake sinkhole that doesn't even exist in Kentucky, which is really the public name of the secret state of Franklin.


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(Thanks, SignInToKinjaLOL!)