The Cops Involved In This Crash Came Away With Only Minor Injuries

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Two constables of the Wiltshire Police's Roads Policing Unit in the United Kingdom (obviously) manage to escape with only minor injuries after their Audi was absolutely wrecked by another. After looking at this picture, I would say "ouch," but I suppose that's not really applicable anymore.


The unnamed constables had just pulled over another car and were still in their vehicle when they were smacked from behind by an Audi A3, according to This is Wiltshire. It's unspecified how fast the A3 was going, only that it was traveling "at speed."

I'm gonna go ahead and assume the "speed" involved was, like, a million miles an hour, or maybe 30 to 40. I'm not a collision expert.


One of the officers was trapped inside of the wreckage, and firefighters had to cut the roof off to get him out, though he only hurt his shoulder a bit.

Even still, that Audi is just completely smushed, and it's pretty neat that there wasn't any whiplash. Hooray, Audi head rest designers, I suppose.

Oh yeah, the occupants of the Audi A3-turned-flying-missile only received minor injuries, too.

Good news all around, with an even sweeter picture to put on Facebook. No selfies have emerged yet, though, sadly.


Photo credit: Wiltshire Police Service

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