Whatever your opinions may be about the residents of the White House, I think we can all agree that we want to play with this life-sized set of Matchbox toys that appear to be parked in presidential driveway today.

A CAT front-end loader, Pierce fire apparatus, what looks like an International bucket truck, one extremely elegant power cruiser, (and, what’s that, a forklift?) are currently gathered at the White House for the president to “tour” according to this tweet from Bloomberg White House reporter Jennifer Epstein.

I’m not really sure how one tours a forklift per se, but if I were president, I would be going apeshit already, running from vehicle to vehicle making engine and siren noises with my mouth.

The Secret Service is probably keeping a close eye on all the keys and levers, but maybe if President Trump gets lucky they’ll let him at least go for a ride in that bucket.