The Cleanest Car Repair Shop I've Ever Seen Is in Japan

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Screenshot: Paolo fromTOKYO (YouTube)

It’s always neat and interesting to see how people in other countries conduct their day-to-day business. A glimpse into a Japanese car repair shop reveals one that is cleaner than nearly any other office (let alone shop) I’ve ever seen.

Paolo fromTOKYO recently uploaded a video of a day spent with a Erina, a 30-year-old employee who works at Aiho Denki, a car repair shop in Toyota, Japan. (Also called Toyota City, indeed renamed after the company, which has plants here.) Erina isn’t a mechanic, but her role in the office is every bit as important. She does the accounting work, organizes the invoices, counts the money, orders and picks up everyone’s lunches and assists the CEO. She’s also in charge of helping keep the shop clean.


Maybe it’s just the shops that I’ve been to, but Paolo’s walk-through of this particular shop showed one that was unbelievably tidy. No oil or grease puddles or splatters on the floors. No dirt or grime in obvious places. Everything is neat and put away. It’s well-lit. It’s not one of those ultra, high-end shops because you can see all kinds of stuff being repaired there, but there’s a sense of pride in keeping it orderly, which is really nice to see.

Being courteous and proud of your place of work is a sign that employees care about their work and their office. It’s a very good thing. Take a look at the video and also low-key freak out over the many Japanese cars included that we don’t get here.