The Clamp Came Down in Georgia: Bullrun Lunch at the Cop Shop

Pal of the Jalop and the first woman ever to be arrested on Bullrun, Annabelle Frankl was taping and riding shotgun when a whole gang of the the ralliers (including their #144 Z06) were pulled over with the drivers taken off in the paddywagon. While Annabelle and Nick aren't paddies (rather Brits of Hungarian extraction), Miss Frankl went and picked up some burgers with all beef patties for the jailhouse rockers. Vomitation was not reported, although we imagine there was a bit of nausea involved. Traffic stop before the jump, aftermath after.

Bullrun Update: Baby Out of Jail [Internal]

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I echo other commenters here, especially drewdraws2, Turboner and Torque (though I probably would have used the term "chowderhead"). What exactly make this any different than the Gumball that everyone was so upset about just a few weeks ago when two non-participants were killed?

I don't have a sports car so I don't tend to go above 80, but I'm more than happy to provide the space for those that want to go faster if they do it in a safe way. Weaving, passing on the right, failing to signal and tailgating are all inappropriate behaviors that endanger others' lives, especially on a highway that crowded. I'm sure every single one of those drivers considers themself a "better than average driver" (as 90% of this country does) but it's not just whether you can control your car, it's about whether you create conditions that cause others to lose control of theirs.

As far as I'm concerned if you're part of a rally and someone else gets in a wreck that kills someone, you should be held responsible. It's no different than drag racing.