The Chrysler Conquest Is A Lot Like Chicago

Back in the '80s Chrysler under the helm of Lee Iacocca and with the help of $1.5 Billion in loan guarantees was starting over anew. They got to rebuild their company from the ground up and create a new image, something unprecedented in the automotive world.

The guys at Regular Car Reviews think that's quite a bit like the city of Chicago. After the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 the city not only rebuilt itself, but reinvented itself as well. Both Chicago in the 1870s and Chrysler 110 years later looked ahead towards the future because they had no other choice.

The Chrysler Conquest–which is just a rebadged Mitsubishi Starion–is representative of the forward thinking late-80s Chrysler. The Conquest didn't look to the past for inspiration like modern Chryslers do know (Charger, 300, etc.) but was clearly a product of his time.


This particular Conquest is a great one, similar to the beloved Zero Fucks Given RX-7 that was popular on the internet a while back. Its builder made it to be a bit of a foil to the increasingly image-conscious import tuner scene. It's loud, ugly, uncomfortable and absolutely glorious.

Unlike the sort of cars you'd find at SEMA, this Conquest doesn't take itself seriously and it's all the better for it.

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wbizarre - OEM fetishist

Does anyone else feel Regular Car Reviews are starting to get lost up inside their own urethra with these shaky metaphors? Also, about these rat-rods, rough-and-ready, loud, ugly, uncomfortable cars, whatever you want to call them. Aren't those just as much a part of the current car culture, inspired by rough, beat-up, zip-tied drift machines? ZFGRX7 is case in point. This kind of build may have been rebellious a decade ago, but not today, when every other kid with an old Jetta is pouring all kinds of chemicals on it to make it rust.