The CHP Has A Precision Driving Team? With A Chopper?

Illustration for article titled The CHP Has A Precision Driving Team? With A Chopper?

A few days ago, the California Highway Patrol tweeted out this pretty remarkable picture of their precision driving team in formation with what I can only assume is a precision flying helicopter. I don't think I— or most Californians — ever realized they had a precision driving team.


Really, the CHP never had to employ all that much precision driving to pull me over for speeding or having an expired license tag or something. But, now that I look into it, it appears that the CHP has had a very impressive precision driving team for quite a while.

And, really, it's not surprising. The CHP is basically a constantly-driving group as it is, and it's not like you can learn how to do a PIT maneuver by watching YouTube videos. They do an extensive amount of precision driving training, so it makes sense they have a team.

The team is primarily used for outreach and recruitment (at least, I haven't ever seen a team of drifting Crown Vics foil an aggravated mopery suspect or anything), which explains fun videos like these:

Or, if drifting Moby Dick Caprices and Fox-body Mustangs are more your thing:

It's good to see that it's theoretically possible to get a stable, state-funded job drifting cars for a living.



Never heard of this and, frankly, I'm a little PO'd they're wasting money on this BS (if they still are — that last video was using their old Fox Mustangs and IROC's).

Every hour they aren't patrolling is an hour we pay for and get...what exactly? This isn't the Blue Angels (which is also a colossal waste, IMHO).