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The CHP Asks You To Kindly Not Jump Over Freeways On Your Motorcycle

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This past Saturday, a stunt, equally daring and stupid, happened over the 60 freeway in Riverside County. A dirt bike, possibly ridden by 24-year old motocross biker Kyle Katsandris, appears to have jumped over the four-lane Moreno Valley highway. The California Highway Patrol is taking steps to prevent anyone else from trying the stunt, but doesn’t seem too concerned about prosecuting the daredevil.

The video of the stunt shows the preparations of the dirt trails and the large ramp used to vault the highway, and appears to be well-produced, with multiple camera angles, including at least one aerial drone shot.

The video was first posted to Kyle Katsandris’ Instagram account, though Katsandris doesn’t officially come out and say he was the rider, it’s implied.


The Los Angeles Times spoke with the CHP and the Riverside County Sheriff’s department, both of whom learned about the stunt from social media, since no drivers called 911 regarding the jump. It’s very possible the jump happened where drivers wouldn’t really have seen it.


A Sheriff’s department deputy wasn’t entirely certain a crime has been committed, and stated: “If we are looking into something, we need a victim. We don’t have a victim.”

CHP officials seemed a bit more certain that some rules had been broken, including reckless driving and driving an off-road motorcycle on the highway. Though, really, this is sort of over a highway, right?

CHP officials were also concerned that they were unable to identify the rider conclusively, which would make proving even these misdemeanor charges difficult.

In order to prevent anyone else from trying something this stupid, Caltrans blocked the access to the ramp with bulldozers pushing boulders and tree trunks.


A jump of 100+ feet like this is, of course, impressive and thrilling. But doing so over an open highway, filled with unwitting drivers, is reckless and idiotic. Sure, the rider pulled it off, but there were so many ways that this could have ended up not with just the rider injured or killed, but uninvolved, innocent people.

If you want to try crazy-ass jumps, there’s a reason why the Motorcyle God created off-road chasms and canyons that are free of regular traffic.