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The Chinese Are Using Children In Bikinis To Show Off Cars

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Whenever you go to an auto show, you're sure to see a bevy of beautiful women surrounding the cars on stage in order to attract attention. This is nothing new.

But the Chinese are taking it one step further: Girls, and we mean children, are being dressed in bikinis to sell cars. What the hell?

This comes from the Chutian Auto Culture Festival, where small girls were on stage alongside the models. The worst part is that they were reportedly "scantily clad, wearing tall boots, and swaying their hips." The children were volunteered for the event by their parents and were young. Seriously young. Two of them were five.

This is not cool. The concept of the Booth Professional is always to attract attention. Typically, this just means attractive men and women dressed in an appealing, but not overtly sexual way. When it's bikinis, however, there is some level of overt sexualization.

So how do they justify it? Zhang Ping, the exhibition director, said "If you type 'children' and 'bikini' in an internet search engine, you will find hundreds of thousands of results bikini contests for children."

Just because you can type something into Google doesn't make it right.

(Hat Tip to @jesusdiaz!)

Photo Credit: AFP