The Chevy SS Looks So Bland You Can Swap It For A Malibu In A Movie And No One Will Notice

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Actor Dax Shepard is a friend of Jalopnik who likes to make fun movies that feature cool cars and bikes. Because I live the #dadlife, I finally got around to watching one of Shepard’s more recent films, CHiPs. Co-staring along with Shepard is a Chevy SS. If you saw the film, did you catch the swap when the SS meets its fiery end?

Spoiler alert for people like me who haven’t yet seen a movie that came out back in March.

Early in the film, Ponch (Michael Pena) is working undercover to infiltrate a gang of bank robbers. Ponch uses the Chevrolet SS as a getaway car which is the perfect vehicle because it is fast, seats four adults comfortably and looks kind of anonymous.

Here is the full scene, just be aware it has some NSFW language and imagery.

You will notice that the police dispatch during the scene describes the suspects driving a “Black Chevy,” without any mention of the actual model. That’s an important detail, because for most folks outside of the enthusiast sphere, the SS looks like some generic sedan.

Here is Ponch getting some oppo in the SS.

After the chase is over, Ponch and the crew decide to ditch the SS for a cab. Of course, he needs to destroy the evidence.

But wait a minute...those rims look awfully small for a Chevy SS. That’s because they swapped out your favorite muscle sedan for a Chevy Malibu.

It seems all you have to do is add a fake metal vent to the front door and poof! Your rental car is a Chevy SS!

In case you are still not convinced, here is a very clear shot after the shootout on what is none other than a black Chevy Malibu in flames.

Now, this kind of thing happens in movies all the time. But folks with some car knowledge and a keen eye can usually catch when a Navigator is being swapped for an Escalade or something.

The Chevy SS looks so anonymous even our official Jalopnik test pilot and sort-of Dax Sheperd look alike, Andrew Collins, did not catch the swap until I pointed it out to him.

So the muscle sedan that we all wanted yet no one bought gets to star in a major motion picture and no one notices when its stunt double is some boring ass Malibu.