The Chevrolet Colorado Could Be A Shot In The Arm For Small Trucks

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A Young Texan Perspective On The Chevrolet ColoradoThe Truth About Cars

The 2015 Chevrolet Colorado could be a big deal. Here's why.

Now, the purpose of this truck? Simple, to be 90 percent of the Silverado with out its hefty size and fuel economy. I’m not a Luddite Texan who believes the height of pickup trucks was 40 years ago. But I do find modern half-tons to be oversized. Stick a 2014 next to a 2004, and see what I mean. The full-sizers have gained a lot of girth in ten years.

Enthusiast Drives The Only Saab 95 De Luxe 'Bullnose' In PolandPetrolicious

Well, there's something you don't see every day.

It is a very rare model – the bullnose version was produced only for couple of years. It is the only one driving in Poland. I can’t tell how many is there in Europe, but there definitely are not many (I am hoping the find this out this number during the International Saab Meeting that will be held in Poland in 2014).

Spun CityTexas Monthly

Not car-related, but an interesting read on the anniversary of the Kennedy assassination.

On the last morning of his life, John F. Kennedy awoke beneath Vincent Van Gogh’s Road With Peasant Shouldering a Spade, an atypically placid landscape by an artist known for his agitated imagery. Along with an assortment of fifteen other paintings and small sculptures by big names such as Monet, Picasso, and Henry Moore, the Van Gogh had been installed in the Kennedys’ suite just hours before their arrival at Fort Worth’s Hotel Texas. The exhausted first couple got in around midnight and thought the artworks were merely hotel-quality reproductions until the next morning, when Jackie, as she walked around the suite, discovered a catalog of the impromptu little exhibition, which had been assembled in less than a week from local, mostly private collections. “Isn’t this sweet, Jack?” the first lady remarked.



Wait, the Colorado is a small truck? Isn't it pretty much the same size as a full-size pickup from 15-20 years ago?