The CES Demo Of Formula E's Car Is The Most Underwhelming Thing Ever

What's the best way to show off a new race car to a crowd? What's that you say? Slowly and in a crowded parking lot? Damn right. Way to go Formula E.


Formula E is the FIA's new all-electric open wheel race series. They've already done some testing, but Lucas Di Grassi just took to a parking lot at CES to show off the raw power of the car to a crowd of gathered tech geeks.

Here's what this demo said about the series: If you like watching a man drive slowly in circles (cue NASCAR jokes...), you'll love Formula E. If you like listening to electric RC cars, you'll love Formula E. If you love Leonardo Di Caprio, you'll love Formula E. If you hate exciting motorsports, you'll love Formula E. This has to be the worst demo run of a race car ever. How doe slow parking lot laps build excitement.

They don't.

Formula E might not be vaporware anymore, as evidenced by this car, but with marketing stunts like this, it might return to vapor faster than any of us expected.



I've found some better footage of it

It has to be it, the engine sound is identical.