The CEO Of Ferrari Is Rumored To Be Resigning

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Amedeo Felisa, the CEO of Ferrari since 2008, is either resigning soon or has already resigned, according to Italian media via an Autocar report. Ferrari isn’t commenting on the rumors just yet, Autocar said, but if true, it’s probably nothing to be worried about. Probably.

Felisa’s been a company man for a long time, starting his career at Alfa Romeo in 1972, and moving to then-stablemate Ferrari in 1990, according to the Ferrari website. For someone whose been with the same firm for so long, the move can either be a jarring one or something that was expected.


But Felisa’s departure can’t be seen in any light that isn’t affected by Ferrari’s imminent initial public offering. And in that regard, it’s once again something that can go either way. Since we don’t know exactly why he’s leaving yet, it can be a number of common reasons. Maybe he wanted to retire earlier, but Fiat and Ferrari boss Sergio Marchionne asked him to stay on until the IPO was completed. Maybe he didn’t feel like running a company subjected to quarterly earnings reports and public scrutiny. Maybe Sergio, Fiat and Ferrari chairman John Elkann, and big Ferrari shareholder Piero Ferrari didn’t want him doing that. Or maybe he quit or was fired for reasons that we don’t know yet.

Or maybe he’s not resigning at all, though Ferrari’s non-comment is pretty far from an outright denial.


Who knows! Such is the fun of business rumors, right before a major financial move.

Anyways, we’ll keep you posted if we hear something definite.

Photo credit: AP

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