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The Cars That Have Disappeared From American Roads

Illustration for article titled The Cars That Have Disappeared From American Roads

There are cars that are appreciated from day one of their lives, and there are cars that we take for granted until we realize they're all gone. This is the B scenario.


They made over 1.2 million Autobianchi A112s less than 700 miles from where I live between 1969 and 1986, still, finding a mostly sorted original car from the average of three for sale in the country is a tough call. Where did they all go? I guess nobody cared for them, and most were taken care by rust and racing.

It the United Kingdom, some British Leyland cars are completely gone. For a good reason of course, but even cars that could become nice classics can end up in the melting pot before enthusiast would realize their true potential.


In the US, cars like the Ford EXP, the second-generation Probe, 80s Accord hatches or the AMC Eagle have vanished in the last decade. But which once common ride left the biggest shadow?

Photo credit: Jeepersmedia

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Time has turned nearly every Fiat X1/9 has back into its base elements.