In the past week, I wandered off to Los Angeles, mainly to take my girlfriend there for her first time, but also because I dig hanging out on the West Side. I used to live there, and while Austin is where I belong these days, LA’s everyday car scene can’t be beat.

For this journey, we were staying in the area where Santa Monica meets Venice. The car culture there is cool, as anyone that has ever watched a Petrolicious video will tell you, but I never put any thought into snapping pics of the random assortment you see around town.

This time, with my girlfriend tagging along, we stopped along the roads to snap some pics. Have some cars.

air-cooled > water-cooled
Driven on a regular basis, I was told.
I’m moist.
Da Brat
One for Torch.
There is no shortage of old 911s in immaculate shape in this town.
Move ahead!
Something tells me neither of these have moved in a long time.
Clean-ass old Rolls Royce, just parked in a random lot by the beach.
No idea how he found a big enough parallel spot along Abbot Kinney on a Saturday evening.
Petrolicious Editorial Director Ted Gushue’s personal 911.

All pictures were taken on my Canon 1DX, with a 24-70mm f/2.8 II, and simple edits were done in Adobe Lightroom. More of my photography can be seen on my Instagram profile.

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