The Camaro z/28 is back with an LS7 V8 and 500 horsepower. Carbon brakes, AC is optional, and tons of weight was taken out.

The Z/28 name means lot. This is a Camaro with the 427 engine (7 "liters" to you Anglophiles) from the C6 Z06. That means we have a naturally aspirated Camaro with 500 horsepower and 470 pound feet of torque. That's what I'm talking about.


Mark Reuss said that the Z/28 can run on a drag strip all day. But that's not what it's all about.

This car is built for the track.

Weight was taken out with a shovel. There is no carpet in the trunk. Extra cooling everywhere. Brake cooling. Optional AC. There is only one speaker for the notifications, which means that there is no stereo. It's about 300 pounds lighter than the 580 horsepower Camaro ZL1. That's a good little weight savings in a car that has always been a little too portly.

So 500 freaking horsepower in a lightened Camaro. I just forgot about the ZL1.

Driving it is probably wonderful. I'm torn when I look at it. The narrower front fascia and rear end aren't all that evocative.

But who cares it's a 500 FUCKING HORSEPOWER CAMARO.

I'll take it.