The Camaro SS Police Car Will Make You Beg To Be Arrested

The Haltom City, Texas police department's built the first patrol car out of a new Camaro SS. They could've just added a light bar. Instead, they worked with a local Texas custom shop to build one epically cool patrol car.


We've seen a fanboy rendering of a new Police Camaro and we know there are a few unmarked 2010 Camaro police cars running around Florida, but this is the first fully marked Camaro SS we've seen since the fourth generation.

Haltom City Police commissioned Classic Chevrolet of Grapevine, Texas to build this one-of-a-kind Camaro SS police car complete with an LED bar on top, embedded bar in the rear window and our favorite piece: a blue light strip embedded behind the muscle car's devious grin.

The use of classic white-on-black screams authority, but the all-clear LED bar on the roof and lack of other markings keep it relatively subtle and stealthy. The designers were smart not to try and augment what's already a mean-looking machine.


At this point, we're going to drive to Haltom City and use Trapster to find the speedtraps just to get pulled over.

Special thanks to Classic Chevrolet for the pictures!

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